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Floating Gallery

by Sergio Rojo

1-.Floating Architecture In addition to the typical features of any transportable architecture (that means, the multiplicity of its orientations and the nonexistence of any relationship with the terrain) there is another characteristic that makes this project unique, that is, the incomparable landscape of the River Thames' banks. 2-.Being observed/observing Therefore, the main idea of this project emerges from the confrontation of two opposite concepts: being observed vs observing. In one hand, the proposal pretends to be observed as the only single floating architectural icon of the cosmopolitan river. On the other hand, it is meant to be an observation platform for the unmistakable urban landscapes that surround it. 3-.Being Observed In order to be observed, the program is split between two clearly different volumes, but then physically linked again by the access platform and the café terrace on the upper level. One of the volumes is rotated from the access platform. The screens on the façade provides the building with a completely dynamic appearance, showing multiple reflections of the water and its surroundings. 4-.Observing In order to observe, the ship owns two big terraces besides its totally transparent enclosure. On one side, there is the access platform, a big open but sun-protected surface thanks to the rotated volume above; on the other side, there is the café terrace, where a pool reflects the skyline of London. This surface plays the role of a big penthouse terrace in the city center of London, with its incomparable and changing views