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The Atoll Below The Ocean´s Level, A Visual Silence

by Vincent Callebaut
Biarc 2003, Ahn Sang-Young Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City
Busan, South Korea

Artificial Islands for a Leisure Centre Under the zero level of the ocean, where the sea and the Sueyong River are embraced, thirteen artificial islands are inserted in the marine depths on five stages, generator of entertainment, tourism and culture programmation. In a visual silence, they are articulated by topics around three huge extraordinary gardens resulting from the culture and the Korean natural origin. These gardens are the territories of the exchanges and the meetings of the community and unify the islands between them along their voluptuous curves. But at the top of these islands, on their own roof, gardens of activities are installed such as the Asian agricultural cultures. Each island propose a different universe to the visitors, although every islands are dedicated to leisure of the body and spirit.