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Spiral Island

by Richart "Rishi" Sowa

Spiral Island is a name given to two floating artificial islands in Mexico built by British artist Richart "Rishi" Sowa. He filled nets with empty discarded plastic bottles to support a structure of plywood and bamboo. Almost all of the sand Sowa used for Spiral Island I was taken from the end of the beach, where it came up against the man-made rock pier on the edge of the canal system where the Island was tied. Due to the prevailing winds, beach-sand was constantly being piled up because of the constant motion of the waves and wind. The beach sand was dredged out using large machinery so that boats could continue to come through the canal. Since Sowa gathered 8 to 10 large buckets per week, the builders of Puerto Aventuras Canal did not need to dredge it again, as he was doing it for them. The first was destroyed by a hurricane in 2005; the second has been open for tours since 2008.