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Floating EXPO Pavilion

by Bart van Bueren
Shanghai, China

The Floating pavilion, designed for the Shanghai World Expo 2010, is intended as a pilot project for sustainable urbanization on water. It is self-reliant, ecologically responsible and creates new space in the metropolitan city of Shanghai. The design integrates advanced technologies on sustainability, climate design, construction and reuse. A technical performance based design turns into architecture of art. A sneak preview of what is still hidden behind the horizon of the future. Shapes encountered in nature inspired its form. Bubble shapes have an optimal surface/volume ratio, which saves energy and results in an optimized building climate design. The floating city adapts to changes in the physical environment, such as changes in temperature and water level. The floating pavilion is a green and sustainable building. It is very flexible and can easily be relocated and reused after the World Expo as a public event centre.