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Floating islands

Seoul, Korea

Floating island under construction on the Hangang (Han River) is first equipped with an aquatic convention center and it is made for concerts, conventions, exhibitions, water sports and restaurants. Floating island consists of three man-made inter-connected islets. Islet 1, the biggest of the three islets, is three stories high and measures 10,845 square meters. It includes a 700-seat convention hall. Islet 2, a three-story structure measuring 5,373 square meters, puts a focus on developing facilities for cultural events. Islet 3, two stories high, takes up a 4,164 square-meter area and is devoted to various aquatic leisure sports activities like yachting. The total number of seats for exhibitions and conventions reaches 1,400 uniting all three of the islets. The islands can accommodate 6,200 people and are set to make the Han River, which 59 million people visited last year, an even more popular tourist spot.