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by Studio Egret West
London, Great Britain

As more and more people start visiting and using the Royal Docks, London’s Floating Village aims to provide a new, exciting offer across the water itself. A collection of flexible platforms hosting a variety of uses including a swimming pool to be known as the Royal Docks Baths with future potential for a spa and gym, a wakeboarding centre, a public boardwalk and floating gardens, cafe, restaurants and a destination bar. The idea for a floating village and swimming pool came first and foremost from a desire to reclaim and re-establish activity on the waters of the Royal Docks. Floating structures on the docks, be they boats, pontoons or bridges, will help redefine the focus of the Royals and help to make sense of the developments on the edges. London’s Floating Village will act as a destination that raises the consciousness of a part of London in few people’s minds. With its pool, spa and restaurant it will become a year round, day/night attraction lending itself to community events, as well as corporate entertainment and conferences. The project was one of four “Meanwhile London” winners chosen by LB Newham and the LDA earlier on this year.