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Antwerp Pool

by Sculp(IT) Architecten
Antwerp, Netherlands

Antwerp will be the first city in the world to have this luxury “movable” floating swimming pool. An initiative by Antwerp’s Port Authority and private partners, the facility has 2 banqueting rooms, a restaurant, lounge terrace and of course a huge swimming pool. The dock’s water quality is not good enough to swim in, so the idea was to make a floating pool that recreates the feeling of swimming inside the docks. In wintertime the pool will be used for ice skating! This in an ecologically friendly project that keeps the water warm during the night using a retractable roof and a specially constructed green field, next to the pool (see picture), will take care of the purification without nasty chemicals. Swimmers will have a nice view from the pool of the MAS museum and in 2013 also of the Red Star Line Museum. This trendy bathing boat is 120 meters long with a capacity of up to 600 people and will be installed in August 2012. We truly hope to have minimum 25°C with some nice cocktails by then! While Antwerp citizens are getting ready for a swim and go shopping for the most beautiful bikini we hope our tourists will like this initiative too!