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by Tania Kovats
Regent’s Canal, London, Great Britain

Tania Kovats is out to protect the natural environment and the creatures that adorn it with her design called Habitat. It is a floating structure, which can be tagged as a nest, park or shelter. Shaped like a pasture land, it can be seen floating on the Regent’s Canal, situated in East London. The artist loves landscaping, which is evident from her design, and is definitely a planet savior. She has converted a humble water body into a shelter for various species. Creatures that like a water based environment will become a part of this island garden. The small yet impressive landscape has several nests that look like the one’s made by birds. They are a little large in size and rest a few feet above the base. The nests beautifully rest on a steel construction and resemble cabanas that have a roof made from straw. Such an arrangement will magnetically draw wildlife and provide them with a place of safety. The floating park will be of great help and beautify the surroundings even more. Habitat will also save birdlife and lend a proper shelter.