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Drijvend Paviljoen

by DeltaSync, PublicDomain Architecten
Municipality of Rotterdam
Rijnhaven, Rotterdam, Netherlandes

Initiated by DeltaSync, the Floating Pavilion is intended as a pilot for building on water and a first step towards floating urbanization. The urban development of unprotected areas outside the dikes is of major importance to the city of Rotterdam. With this project the municipality of Rotterdam takes a pioneering role in climate adaptation and delta technology. Rotterdam has started the (re)development of the City Ports, consisting of 1600 ha of unprotected land and water. The Floating Pavilion demonstrates how cities can pro-actively adapt to the effects of climate change. It has been located in the Rijnhaven until 2015 and afterwards will be floated towards another location. The building is used as exhibition and conference space and hosts the National Water Centre. The complex has been designed by architecture combination DeltaSync/PublicDomain Architecten. It is being constructed by Dura Vermeer and FlexBase is responsible for the floating foundation. The students of the Hogeschool Rotterdam and the Albeda College are participating in the construction process.