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Underwater Museum for Egypt

by Jacques Rougerie
Egyptian Government

Architect Jacques Rougerie -an expert when it comes to space and underwater structures- has designed the soon-to-be first underwater museum. It will be located off the coast of Egypt, near the new Library of Alexandria, where Cleopatra once had a palace on an island in one of the largest human-made bays in the world back in the day, submerged by earthquakes in the 4th century. The ruins were discovered years ago, and include several sphinxes, statues, roman and greek shipwrecks and pieces believed to be from the Pharos of Alexandria lighthouse (one of the seven ancient wonders of the world). An underwater voyage to the sunken cites of Alexandria. From the lagoon, 3 clelestial harps rise up. An underwater tunnel leads to a land stela where are exibited the famous and monumental statues saved from waters. Depth: 7 meters – Diameter: 40meters – Area: 22 000 m² – Capacity : 3 millions of visitors per year.