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Floating Sauna SPA Centre

by Rexwall

AquaHouse SPA FWS - Floating Wellness Systems 400 square meter on a floating pontoon of 20m x 20m First floating public SPA since 2006 in the world ! First 400m² floating SPA to open to the public in Germany Showing its competence in building floating structures again, RexWall Group built a floating spa for a luxury hotel right outside Berlin, Germany. Using RexWall Resin SystemTM sandwich plates in the construction process allowed for the extremely low shell construction costs of 650.000€ (the finished structure had a price tag of about 950.000€ while realizing outstanding thermal insulation and frost resistance properties of shell and pontoon). Key to the project low costs and superior technology is the material used in the construction process. The shell including the pontoon was made of RexWall Resin sandwich plates, a universal construction material for floating objects RexWall Groupbvg developed in house the material allows for advanced design and technologically superior construction of pontoons and other floating structures.